Devon understands that Utility Companies need reliable and robust cell and battery technology that can withstand extreme climate conditions. We recognize the cost of replacing on the field failed equipment is far more expensive that the equipment itself. The last thing Devon wants the utility companies to worry about is batteries- Devon has the solution for long lasting reliable cells and batteries.

Failed meters can hurt the utility as well as consumers equally. It costs Utility Companies time, money and in many cases loss in revenue due to failed meters. It costs more money to replace a failed equipment than to make one. Consumers also get frustrated as technicians need to come to their homes to replace the equipment.

Devon understands the responsibility Utility Metering companies have to develop a robust and reliable product that can last in the field for over 20 years. Devon carries cells and batteries that are field tested and meet Industry standards. Our in house engineering team works with our Utility Customers to develop and support cell and battery technology that will last for 20yrs in any weather conditions.

Devon Company has made investments in human capital to bring in the best of the engineers who understand the latest trends in the metering industry and have positioned ourselves to support our Utility customers not only in the AMI, AMR but also in the smart grid technology where superior cells and batteries are important to support reliable transmission over mobile telecommunication networks.